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The Ilz Valley Communities

The Ilz Valley Communities


(336-528 m above sea level)
Tourist-Information Perlesreut-Fürsteneck
Unterer Markt 3, 94157 Perlesreut
Tel. 08555 / 961910, Fax 961940

Situated between Ilz River and Ohe River, surrounded by steep valleys, Fürsteneck offers pure relaxation! The naturalistic landscape with its luscious green meadows, old mills, lumber mills and drift dams are an insider's tip for any nature-enthusiastic hiker. The “Fürstenecker Barockfestspiele” (Fürstenecker Baroque Festival) takes place every two years – a unique experience you shouldn't miss.


Climatic Spa Grafenau

(600-700 m above sea level)
Tourist-Information Grafenau
Rathausgasse 1, 94481 Grafenau
Tel. 08552 / 962343, Fax 4690

The climatic spa Grafenau is the oldest town in the Bavarian Forest with approx. 9,000 inhabitants and offers everything vacationers might want. It is an ideal starting point for excursions, located in the Ilz Valley, right next to the Bavarian Forest National Park, and on the main route of the glassblowers and the boarder triangle between the Czech Republic and Austria.



(320 – 535 m above sea level)

Marktplatz 2, 94116 Hutthurm
Tel. 08505 / 9001-15, Fax 9001-16

Hutthurm is an ideal resort for people of all ages and who like to plan their excursions themselves. The town became famous for its proximity to the “Goldener Steig” (Golden Path/Trail), an old trade route between Passau and Bohemia. The names of two small villages in this area usually cause a stir: Munich and Prague are about 2 kilometers apart from each other is this vicinity.


Neukirchen vorm Wald

(446 m above sea level)

Bureau for Tourism in the town hall
Kirchenweg 2
94154 Neukirchen vorm Wald
Tel. 08504 / 9152-0,  Fax 9152-30

Idyllic, rural and situated amongst softly curving hillsides, only 17 km north of the “Three River City” Passau but located on the brink of the Bavarian Forest, you can find the vacation resort Neukirchen vorm Wald embedded in the “Three Castles Country”. Here you can choose to either spend an adventurous or a quite vacation. The idyllic landscape of the Ilz Valley beckons your soul to relax.



(380 – 637 m above sea level)

Officially recognized resort
Tourist-Information Perlesreut
Unterer Markt 3, 94157 Perlesreut
Tel. 08555 / 961910, Fax 961940

The officially recognized resort between Ilz River and Ohe River offers very pleasant climatic conditions through its advantageous elevation. Perlesreut becomes a tourist magnet in summer when more than 100 amateur actors present the Passion play in August.



(425 m above sea level)

Tourist-Information Ringelai
Parrer-Kainz-Strasse 6 , 94160 Ringelai
Tel. 085 55 - 9614-11, Fax 96 14-18

The officially recognized spa Ringelai offers many different forms of indulgence and relaxation. A wild-romantic walk through the gulches of the “Buchberger Leite” or a visit to the Celtic village of “Gabreta” with the whole family, where you can sample the mystic world of the Celts – many thrilling adventures await the vacationers.

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(434-688 m above sea level)

Tourist-Information Markt Röhrnbach
Rathausplatz 1, 94133 Röhrnbach
Telefon 08582 / 9609-40, Fax 9609-92

Röhrnbach is an officially recognized spa and presents itself to its visitors as a quite market town in the Bavarian Forest. TV viewers know it very well, because this town and the 26 surrounding townships are the filming location for the German TV series “Forsthaus Falkenau”.



(450 m above sea level)

Tourist-Information Ruderting
Passauer Straße 3, 94161 Ruderting
Tel. 08509/9005-0, Fax 9005-30

Ruderting has a charm of its own and is situated on the southern hills of the Bavarian Forest. The shores of the Ilz River are mostly untouched by man and provide excellent fishing conditions. You can combine a cultural vacation ideally with a nature-focused vacation because of the close proximity to Passau.



(450 – 570 m above sea level)

Tourist-Information Saldenburg
Seldenstraße 30, 94163 Saldenburg
Tel.  08504 / 9123-12, Fax: 9123-30

Saldenburg is picturesquely located in the “Three Castles Country” surrounded by a natural forest landscape at the foot of an old castle and promises a leisure vacation in summer as well as in winter. At every turn you will find many cultural and interesting recreational facilities.



(310 – 459 m above sea level)

Touristikverein Salzweg
Passauer Str. 42, 94121 Salzweg
Tel. 0851 / 94998-0, Fax 94998-20

The Salzweg community offers a lot of variety to vacationers. Hikers can explore the wild-romantic Ilz Valley or follow in the tracks of the sumpters/traders: Merchants used to bring the essential trade good salt along the “Goldener Steig” to Bohemia. For those interested in culture, it is only a short way to the “Three Rivers City” Passau with its manifold opportunities.


Climatic Spa Schönberg

(550 – 700 m above sea level)

Touristikbüro Schönberg
Marktplatz 16, 94513 Schönberg
Tel: 08554 / 960441, Fax 960444

The well-balanced climate, its elevation and the likeness of the architecture similar to that in the south of Europe are responsible for the nick name “Meran of the Bavarian Forest” of the climatic spa Schönberg. There are many leisure time activity facilities like an adventure outdoor pool or the Schönberger climbing park directly at its doorstep. The art and culture centre “kuk” offers some very high-scale events for even the most demanding culture interested vacationers.



(437 – 608 m above sea level)

Tourist-Information im Grafenschlößl
Marktplatz 10, 94104 Tittling
Telefon 08504 / 401-14, Fax 401-20

The Market Tittling is a very family-friendly, officially recognized spa in the middle of the “Three Castles Country”. In co-operation with the neighboring township Witzmannsberg, the vacationers can avail themselves of the many holiday programs offered all year round. The museum town Bavarian Forest, located on the picturesque “Three Castles-Lake” (Dreiburgensee), is one of Europe's largest open-air museums.


Thurmansbang Spa

(450-700 m above sea level)

Tourismusbüro Thurmansbang
Schulstraße 5, 94169 Thurmansbang
Tel. 08504/1642, Fax 5643

Thurmansbang spa invites you to enjoy nature all year round. Diversified hiking and biking routes lead you through untouched mountain forests and colorful flower meadows, along many lookout points and interesting landmarks. Thurmansbang has been awarded a special prize for being children friendly. It offers holiday fun and adventure for the whole family!


Tschechische Partner

Tschechische Partner

Stadt Grafenau
Kasperske Hory (Berg Reichenstein)
Fr. Bürgermeisterin Ing. Alena Balounova
Namesti 1
CZ – 34192 Kasperske Hory

Gemeinde Ringelai
Verbindung mit Stadt Netolice bezüglich GABRETA
Muzeum JU Dr. Ottakara Kudrny
Mirove namesti 248
CZ – 38411 Netolice

Markt Röhrnbach
Partnerschaft FF Außernbrünst mit FF Zdikov
Vorstand Josef Zizka
Zdikov 247
CZ – 38472 Zdikov

Markt Perlesreut
Partnerschaft Kultur- und Passionsspielverein Perlesreut e.V. mit
Passionsgesellschaft Horice
Mesto Horice na Sumave
CZ – 38222 Horice na Sumave

Gemeinde Ruderting
Obneci urad Stachy
1. Bürgermeister starosta Stanislav Princ
CZ – 38473 Stachy 200

Gemeinde Thurmannsbang
Verbindung Schule Thurmansbang mit Schule Chvalsing
Zahladni Skola Chvalsing
CZ – 88117 Chvalsing 150

Gemeinde Fürsteneck
Zusammenarbeit Festspielverein Fürsteneck mit
Regionalmuseum Czesky Krumlov im Rahmen der Fürstenecker Barockfestspiele
Rregional-Museum Czesky Krumlov
Mgr. Ivan Slavik
Horni 152
CZ – 38101 Czesky Krumlov