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Nature in the Ilz Valley - Vigorous and Versatile

Bavaria's last great whitewater, the Ilz River, originates from many small brooks flowing from the crests of the Bavarian Forest.They call the award-winning landscape the 'Black Pearl' and its mostly untouched nature is unparalleled in Germany in this form. The abundance of rare plants and animals seems to be inexhaustible. Even experts continually discover new facets of nature in this idyllic valley.

Those searching for relaxation and nature lovers as well will find special locations for relaxing body and mind. Hiking and bike tours enable you to enjoy very special experiences in the middle of nature, passing impressive cliff formations in the lower mountain ranges of the Bavarian Forest.

Discover the uniqueness of the Ilz Valley and follow the dark waters of the Ilz River, beginning at “Europe's Green Roof” to the “Three Rivers City” Passau, where it eventually merges with the Danube and the Inn River.

You can experience even more of nature's exciting highlights in the Bavarian Forest by visiting the first German national park, the Bavarian Forest National Park, located in direct vicinity of the Ilz Valley.

See for yourself! Visit the Ilz Valley and you will be thrilled!