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The Ilz Valley in the Heart of the Bavarian Forest - Taking the pulse of Nature

Ilztal Luftaufnahme

The Ilz, which stretches throughout a wonderful landscape like a 60 kilometres long silver band from the mineral springs of the Bavarian Forest mountains Lusen and Rachel in the Bavarian Forest National Park to the mouth of the Danube into the “Three Rivers City” Passau, has been highly praised as Germany's “River Landscape of the Year 2003/2004”.

The Ilz is one of the last original wild waters of Bavaria, and is also known, because of its dark water colour, as the "Black Pearl". The Ilz valley is not just a valley of meadows and forests, but of deep gorges, undisturbed natural and romantic shore areas accompanied by hilly mountains with magnificent long-distance views. Here, you are already at “the pulse of nature” and can experience and enjoy nature-conscious recuperation and nature at its best.

The Ilz valley is something very special. The communities of  Grafenau, Schoenberg, Thurmansbang, Saldenburg, Perlesreut, Fuersteneck, Ringelai, Roehrnbach, Tittling, Neukirchen vorm Wald, Hutthurm, Ruderting and Salzweg have come together under the name "Ilztal und Dreiburgenland im Bayerischen Wald" (Ilz Valley and the Three Castle Country in the Bavarian Forest) and offers everything that will make your holiday here eventful. And the network of hiking trails and culinary delights will leave no wishes open! Curious? Then browse the following pages, and you will see that it is worthwhile to follow the flowing dark waters of the Ilz, "The Black Pearl" in its uniqueness. The Ilz Valley and its people cordially invite you!