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The Historic Salzsäumerfest (Salt Traders Festival) in Grafenau
Every year on the first weekend in August, time is turned back half a millennium in Grafenau, the oldest city in the Bavarian Forest. It is the time for the Salzsäumerfest. It reminds us with the historic “Salzsäumer” procession and festival at the medieval market square with many comical buskers and musicians, of the over 625-year history of the city. Grafenau, in the heart of “Gulden Straß” (the salt trade route) was once an important trading center between Bavaria and Bohemia. 
Every August the city celebrates this well-known festival. Bearded “Salzsäumers” (salt-sumpters/traders) set up their night-camp on Friday evening on the courtyard in the town “Haus im Wald”, and on Saturday morning continue their travel with horse drawn covered wagons in the direction of Grafenau. They are received by a flock of applauding visitors in the market place which has been very busy since the early morning. Even the historic crafts are revived. And, of course, there is plenty of  entertainment: musicians play all day long, comedians will make you laugh, fencers present their excellent techniques and the "traveling people” show the trained Grafenau´s mascot, the city-bear as seen in the city’s coat of arms. This festival is really great fun for the young and old!

Baroque in Fürsteneck
The unique character of the Ilz valley, the historic castle from the 13th century and the role of multicultural former "Goldener Steig" (Golden Route) form the setting for the "Fürsteneck Baroque Festival". Czech, Austrian and German amateur actors, culture experts and fans of the baroque period are hereby establishing a new cultural highlight for the eastern Bavaria festival-calendar of events.

Perlesreut Passion Play
The Perlesreut Passion Play is performed in the second half of August. The “Kultur- und Passionsspielverein-Perlesreut e.V.” (The Perlesreut Culture and Passion Play Society) bases the performance on actual historical events. The Perlesreut Passion Plays began as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries.
This is not the usual historical play, rather an old topic filled with fresh new life. The people of Perlesreut focus on their own original Christian roots. Up to 80 actors and actresses, all amateur, perform the passion play under the temples and on the Mount of Olives settings. The passion play is a partnership with the Czech community Höritz, where it has also has taken place for many years. So this is a so-called “Spiegelprojekt”, a mirror project, and is the first and only one in the region.